"As your consultant I will work with the organisation, team or individual in the most effective manner to ensure then best delivery of the project. That means being adaptable, resilient, organised and contactable. Fees are agreed once the scope has been discussed."

Oliver Martin


As a former officer with 1000's of hours experience and exposure to real life issues there are an abundance of stories for me to tell.

They typically come with humour, emotion and a lesson that transitions to our lives at work, home and in leisure.

These can relate to any organisation, group or team and applicable to most topics.


We engage to scope what project the organisation or team wish to deliver.

I may suggest a specific approach or create a very bespoke strategy to truly uncover and deliver the very best outcome.

This May include observations, interviews, canvassing, group sessions or simple 121 engagement on a formal or informal structure.


After years of dealing with people I have built up strategies to maintain perspective, apply context, remain adaptable and stay resilient in order to make sound decisions and hold effective relationships.

I now recognise that these skills transition from the police to our lives at work, home and in leisure.

Contact via telephone, Skype, or Face-2-Face sessions.


*Details of retained plans can be discussed 1-2-1.

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