“Ollie is a natural communicator and empathetic listener with excellent, innate delivery skills. His thoughtful and reflective style encourages people to listen and absorb new information and to understand its relevance to them. Ollie is able to gain rapport with individuals very quickly and to build on this to help guide them to accept new approaches and concepts.”


mum of 2 and full time employment, senior leadership

“Seeing Ollie has been an enjoyable and valuable experience, not only has he given me a clear picture of the small steps I need to undertake to achieve my goals, but he has also helped me enhance my confidence and self-esteem.”


Dad of 2 and full time employment, senior leadership

“I didn’t know what to expect from Ollie, but he has helped change areas in life I was not happy with. I found time to focus on myself, something I feel I have not done in a long time, he’s now a good friend.”


Mum of 3 & in full time employment

the Why


I've seen it go wrong too many times.

Work, home and leisure integrate to form LIFE. If we fail to recognise this our cultures and relationships are strained, performance, decision making, productivity and engagement declines.


the what


My purpose is to help organisations, teams and individuals build cultures and relationships that perform at their best by fully understanding the existing dynamics.

leadership | change management | honest 360 feedback | continuous improvement | organisational development | organisational design | people management | culture | quality assurance | engagement | well-being


the how


Observing | interviewing | workshops | coaching | honest 360 feedback

Depending on the client, geography, time frames, logistics and needs, I work face-to-face, via Skype and telephone in order coach, mentor and train. There really shouldn’t be a barrier. Solutions not problems!


what makes this different?


Its not off the typical bookshelf.

I started my professional career as a uniformed police officer leading people through 1000's of LIFE's trials and tribulations in order to achieve desirable outcomes.

After sometime, I specialised within covert policing, specifically the management of undercover informants. We dealt with high risk scenarios to protect life and property. The threats were real and consequences dire. Decision making and working environments were intense. As a result, all internal and external relations had to work, seamlessly.

That exposure allowed me to bring perspective and context into my professional and personal environments.

I now share my story and unique learning so others can transition the same fundamental principles into their business and personal setting.

I challenge and disrupt the norm but my work is subtle, honest, protects people and has integrity.


Who are the clients?


Organisations, teams and individuals

public sector | private sector | sports | retail | service industry | start-ups

I also write articles in The London Economic.

how to make the right decision about moving
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